Promotional Products

Echo Blueprint tradeshow

Wouldn’t it be nice to put your company pride on display for potential clients and business partners to see? It’s possible with Echo Blueprint’s promotional products. These items will do more than impress your target audience. Promotional products will also help you establish a composed, balanced and professional aesthetic in your offices, reception spaces, hallways and other areas of the business.

Echo Blueprint creates all different types of promotional products from apparel to cups, mugs, doormats and gifts. Tell us exactly how you would like your company’s promotional products to be customized with your business’s brand/logo, colors, slogan, name or other design. The best part is that you are able to choose exactly which promotional items are best for your business. Use these items in your office or present them as gifts. They are the perfect way to let clients know that you value their business.

Desk Accessories, Notepads, Pens and Other Sundries

The typical office requires all sorts of different items from pens to notepads and staplers. Each performs important functions yet they also have the potential to add to the office’s presentation. Echo Blueprints will customize your company’s staplers, pens, note cubes and other desk accessories with your company’s brand, colors or name for enhanced style. The presence of these customized items will also serve to boost employee pride in the company. Furthermore, these items will look fantastic from the perspective of potential clients and partners who visit the office.

We Customize Drinkware Too!

Echo Blueprint is different from other printers in the Pinellas county and surrounding area for a variety of reasons. Chief among them is our laser-sharp attention to detail. We have the capability to customize promotional food/drink items in addition to desk supplies. This way, you can put your company pride on display with each sip of water or coffee.

Lanyards, Badges and Beyond

Most offices require employees to wear badges or lanyards. These items must be clearly labeled with the company name and employee information. Echo Blueprint is here to brand these items as well as key holders to your idiosyncratic specifications. Pick out the colors, logo or other details that you desire and we’ll put them onto just about anything.

Promotional Gifts

Show your clients, partners and colleagues that you really care about them by sending them promotional gifts. These items can include anything from coffee mugs to pens, pencils, notepads or even full-size calendars.