First Echo Location

Our First Location at 545 Main St.

“Covering all your reproduction needs” was the first slogan Echo used. That pretty much said it all. If it went on paper, we were the ones who could get the job done. Today, that slogan can still stand, from .10 copies to 4 color brochures we have you covered. For over the past 50 years Echo has stood for quality and service that our customers want and deserve.

In 1972 Echo Blueprint Inc. opened its doors at 545 Main St. in Dunedin Fl. Little did we know at that time that we would grow into much more than a small shop that sold blueprints and art supplies. Echo started out as a simple dream of a father and son to run a business together. Lawrence W. Naumann and Lawrence J. Naumann did not know much about running a blueprint company, but with the elder Naumann’s business sense and the younger Naumann’s hustle they made a go of it.

In 1974 the recession hit Florida hard. Building came to a halt and their customers were not looking for blueprints, copies, and art supplies; they were looking to start new businesses and needed letterheads, forms, and business cards. So, they added a small printing press to the operation along with a new and larger location in Hudson Fl. With hard work and determination, they survived and relocated the Dunedin store to U.S. 19 just south of Curlew Rd. where it remained for 27 years. In October of 2003 the Clearwater Store moved a bit further north to Palm Harbor to 30147 U.S. Hwy 19 North.

Expansion came again in 1979 with the addition of another Naumann. George Naumann, Larry’s older brother, opened the Pinellas Park store. The Pinellas Park store had its share of trouble. A 1988 hurricane ripped the roof off the building and during the rebuilding a fire broke out and gutted the store. George just kept going and reopened in a new location. Pinellas Park, with its industrial parks and boat builders, helped Echo through some tough times. Joyce Naumann took over the Pinellas Park operations after her husband’s death until her retirement in 2006.

LeRoy Cramer, Larry’s brother-in-law, opened the Crystal River Store in 1988. Crystal River proved to be a logical place to open a new shop. Florida is growing by leaps and bounds and Echo grows with it.

After over 30 years of working Larry retired and handed over the reins to a whole new generation of Naumann’s. Three of his sons have taken over and brought Echo into a whole new level of reprographics and services. Lance has taken over as president and managing the Palm Harbor location while Lyle as VP, managing the Hudson location as well as running the printing department. Lonnie as ST, managing the Pinellas Park location & covers the Service and Repair of equipment not only in Echo but also services the equipment that you may own.

With the addition of the internet, Echo grows again. This time, not only serving West Central Florida, but the world as well. We would like to take this time to thank all of our customers, past, present and future, you made us what we are today, and will make us what we will become. Thank You!